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Kodangs, established in 2010 , is a dynamic Bangkok-based brand. Fueled by a deep passion for fashion and cultural exploration, we celebrate the beauty of diverse countries and their unique identities. We firmly believe that every individual possesses an innate wanderlust, craving to discover new places, connect with new people, and embrace new experiences. At Kodangs, we strive to offer you an unparalleled travel sensation through our exceptional accessories and bags, meticulously designed to capture the essence of exploration and cultural immersion.

Each season, our products are unveiled with captivating innovations, whether it's through the use of distinctive materials or revolutionary functionalities, introducing novel ways to enhance your travel experience. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on providing customized designs that truly reflect your individual style, ensuring that each product becomes a personal expression of who you are.

With Kodangs, embark on a journey where travel and culture intertwined seamlessly with design. Let us accompany you as you uncover the world, expressing your unique identity with our extraordinary creations.

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Phone : +66 92 664 2229

Introducing our brand to global


We have collaborate with many customers and creators around the world.

Openning at Actually


We collaborate and have our products shows at Actually, Singapore lifestyle store.



Introducing Kodangs' New Packaging: Sleek, Modern, and Sustainable